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Hi everyone i found this site seeking gynecomastia info after i was diagnosed today.

My breasts always seemed odd to me when i was 12 because they seemed to stick out more they were "perky" so to say i started to gain weight around that time but it still seemed odd because i know that if you are overweight you will have man boobs but they tend to be more saggy like, if from gaining weight so i was always confused about my body. By the time i turned 17 i had gained enough weight to possibly be considered obese i was 5'8 215lbs i then realized it was time to lose weight i went on a good diet and exercised and lost 45lbs im now 170lbs and gained an inch so im 5'9 now i figured this would get rid of my "man boobs" but it only reduced them slightly they seem more noticeable now that the rest of my chest/stomach is slimmer.

Ive done alot of research and ive come to realize if you have it for 2 years + then there is little chance it will go away. With the way it is now i could live with it but my question to you all is will it get worse?

Like i said ive have it for about 5 years now when i lost the 45lbs i saw a slight reduction so is there any chance it can could get worse still? has anyone had gynecomastia for 5 years  + and noticed it got worse or will it stay the same? Your answers will be greatly appreciated :)
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Hey, man my situation is very similar to yours except i was 180 and went down to 150, my boobs got smaller due to fat loss but the gland is still there. I doubt it will get any bigger but like you said it is very noticeable now that stomach is smaller. I'd say keeping losing weight till your around 160, then you will realize if you need surgery for gland removal or maybe its just fat and will go away.

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if they've been stable for a while i don't think they're likely to get worse.  sometimes they can act up in the senior years, but i wouldn't worry.  get them fixed if you can and welcome to the site. 
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same here.. If i had seen this site before, maybe im done with my gyne...
Im really saving up now for the surgery. I think that will be the only solution for my case.

Im only 5'4 and 165lbs before. I took exercise in the gym, jogging, and diet for 2 months.
From then, I lost 22lbs.. turned my weight into 143lbs.
I had noticed too that there's a little improvement in my chest area because of the lose fats.
But it became more noticeable. Because of mainly, the culprit of gyne...the GLAND.
So for now, I all men who are image conscious like me...if you feel
something hard under your areola, that is the gland.. and excision is the best answer for that
if you really want to remove it in your body.
Now I turned 150lbs..getting bigger... and noticed that my chest gained fats again.

Im just waiting for my possible surgery by this September or October.

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You said you could live with it as it is but your concern is whether it could get worse.

I think the best I can do is to say: Yes it can get worse but most often it will not change once it is stabilized and has remained the same for a couple of years.

That is a rather iffy answer, but it is the best I can do. There is a long list of things that can cause the breasts to enlarge but they do not have the same effect on everyone.
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