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We have received a number of complaints about “individuals” in this forum that have been making members uncomfortable.  Warnings have gone unnoticed.

Having gynecomastia can be stressful, and everyone says insensitive things or snaps at another person occasionally. Try to understand that a member may be in pain or having a bad day. Should you need to address the situation, however, please respond to that person in a calm, open, and diplomatic manner and allow that person to make amends. Alternatively, if you are addressed about a post that was hurtful to another member, please bear in mind all that was said above and try to make amends with the person if possible. We are all just human. These are not just suggestions; we expect these guidelines to be followed should a problem arise. We also may remove the posts of such a situation once it has been resolved since they are not part of our gynecomastia support and have no value to the other members.

You may not collect information about others without their consent.

You may not provide false information about your identity, impersonate any person or the voice of any person, or otherwise attempt to mislead others about your identity or the origin of a message, situation or other communication.

Stalking and stalking-like behavior is prohibited and will be reported to the offender's local governing authority.

You MAY post names of your surgeons freely, as well as other websites. You MAY vent freely about your frustrations be it, post-op or pre-op as long as it is not hurting or offending another.

You may not provide false information, or hearsay, regarding a surgeon or surgeons to dissuade others from going to him or her.  This is important so that accurate information can be made available to the public.  If someone accused you of doing something horrible that you did not do, would not you want proof?

You may not make libelous comments or accusations about anyone, including your physician. While unfortunate and regrettable situations can occur with any surgery, and you are welcome to discuss what has happened to you and receive information and support, you must take care to not create a libelous situation for yourself or for Any posts of this nature will be removed and you will be denied further access to the site, including loss of any privileges you formerly held. We will not tolerate being put in this situation on your behalf. Examples of acceptable posts are simply relating your surgery story and what happened to you in a systematic fashion without derogatory comments towards those who were involved in your treatment or care. Examples of unacceptable posts are calling a person or physician names such a 'butcher', or 'quack',  or using statements such as 'incompetant', etc.

You may not harass anyone about their race, sexual orientation, age, gender, physical or mental abilities.

You may not participate in unfriendly "bashing" of others regardless if they are present or not

You may not display extreme rudeness or vulgarity to another chatter.

You may not gather names or email addresses for the sake of spamming, slamming, promoting, inviting, and any other form.

You may not participate in sexual harassment or harassment of any kind. No cybering, no planning or discussing illegal activities, no hate mongering, no racial comments.

You may not initiate Spam threads. Any spamming activities will result in an immediate ban of the poster.

We will review posts on a case-by-case basis and delete / apply editing when necessary, without notification.  All IP information is logged. You and you only are liable for your actions. If deems any behavior or content illegal or in any way a violation of these terms of service -- you will be reported to your respective Internet providers, or when applicable your local law enforcement agency.  This is for the protection of our visitors.

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