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I'm one of the victims of this miserable disorder and I've been suffering from it since 2012. Everyone that suffers from gynecomastia knows how miserable it is. We missed a lot of fun because of it. It limited our activities. It affected us psychologically and it made us feel less of man.

Before I decided to visit Dr. Ben for consultation, I'm doing what you're doing right now; researching on how to get rid of gynecomastia. Please don't believe that you can get rid of it through exercise. Let me tell you, I invested a lot of money,time,effort to go the gym/crossfit and work my chest out but it just became worse. Accept the fact that you can
only get rid of it through surgery/exiscion (NOT LIPO!). And I'm sure your problem right now is money. Let me tell you, I am just 21 years old right now but I managed to be gynecomastia-free without the help of my parents for my operation since they believe that it will be gone through exercise and time. So how was able to do it? Way back 2014, I started working while I'm still a college student and saved up part of my allowance. And I was just lucky enough that I saw and believed one of the blogs here in this website about his surgery with Dr. Ben.

So on April 18, 2018, I decided to visit Dr. Ben for consultation only (I know that that money I saved is still not enough). I told Dr. Ben about my situation and to my surprise, he asked me if I can give him the chance to do the operation on that day and told me that I should just trust him. He gave me a very good deal since he knows that I'm just a
student. I thought "Totoo nga yung mga nabasa ko dito about sakanya, sobrang bait niya". I really can't believe it and I thought "Bat ko pa papatagalin, eh ang tagal ko ng hinintay tong araw na to". So I said YES to Dr. Ben, that I am willing to have a surgery on that day. I suddenly became nervous since it is my first time to have a surgery. But Dr. Ben's words will calm you down. You just have to trust him. After that, Dr. Ben explained me the details on what I should do.

For the surgery, he told me that it will be done in medicare (just a walking distance from makati medical center) since the operating room there is much cheaper compared to makati medical center. There, I met miss Rain and miss LJ, the nurses that assisted Dr. Ben during the operation. They are very accomodating and told me that I should not get nervous and asked me to eat first (para di daw ako mamutla) since I told them that I have not eaten anything yet. They gave me the papers that I should sign, and checked my blood pressure after that. To their surprise my blood pressure is 140/90. And said its too high for my age but Dr. Ben said that it's still fine to do the operation, they will just monitor my blood pressure while they are doing the surgery. Miss Rain explained that local anesthesia will be used meaning you're awake while the operation is ongoing. After that I changed clothes, and went inside the operating room. I lied down, miss Rain and miss LJ cleaned my chest area and the surgery began. The only pain that I felt is when Dr. Ben goes deeper as he removes the gland. But you just have to tell him that you're feeling the pain, so he will add more anesthesia. The operation is just fast, it took only an hour. Dr. Ben told me, "para ka lang nagpagupit", and it is true. He was more worried about my blood pressure since it reached 157/90 while he was doing the surgery. So what he did is that he called an internal medicine doctor and asked what I should do. He again said that I don't have to worry about the consultation fee on that internal medicine doctor (He is just too kind.). After the surgery, miss Rain and miss LJ put a vest-like support on my chest area. I'll be returning after 5 days for check-up and for the removal of the stitch. Dr. Ben said that the only thing that I should avoid is carrying heavy objects and washing my chest area and that I should never strain my chest and arms since it might cause bleeding.

Too good to be true! I'm writing this "blog", hoping that there will be more gynecomastia-free people like me. You just have to work for it, have the courage to do the operation and trust Dr. Ben Herbosa. I promise you, it will be the best feeling! The excitement of being fully healed is beyond imagination.

*I'll attach photos of my chest before surgery, and right after surgery. I'll keep updating this post for you to see theprogress of healing.

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Hi! How much naman na spend mo sir? Tas pede send ka pic ng current image ng chest mo sir?

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Bro, thanks for sharing. Hope you can share some recent pics sa chest mo after 5 months or so. May sensation pa ba ang nipple-areola complex mo or wala na?

Also, magkano ba cost ng operation mo bro?


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