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I have (I mean had) Gynecomastia since I can remember. It was very depressing since childhood as I was unable to play outdoor games, socialize with anyone, wear T Shirts, Go to a beach, etc. Hence I developed into a loner and a looser. Hiding my Moobs was the most important task of my life all the time.

I actually didn't know its a medical condition called Gynecomastia till recently. When i realized that moobs have a cure I started researching and concluded that surgery is the best option.

I am fortunate to be an Indian as Surgery abroad costs a bomb!
Moreover I live in south India which adds to my good fortune as Treatment quality is exceptional and costs are affordable compared to rest of India.
So now that I had decided the type of treatment i want to go through, next task was to finalize the following;


Deciding your budget is easy (Just check your bank balance :)), Getting a quote is the most difficult part if you want it online. (In India I mean)

Getting Online Quotes:
Doctors will either give you exaggerated quotes or will not give you one but ask you to come in person for diagnosis to estimate the cost. Trust the ones who don't give you a quote without diagnosis. The ones who give you a quote without diagnosis are the ones sitting there to make money. The honest doctor will ask you for at least photos of your moobs from different angles. You can click them yourself with your cell phone or a digital camera.

Getting Quotes in person:
This is the best way of getting a quote. Decide the city where you want to get the surgery done then make a list of hospitals you want to visit. Finding the available quality hospitals is easy, just Google. Then after you reach, visit each hospital and get Quotes. This might sound hectic and time consuming but its the best way to reach a valuable and honest quote. Trust me.

I decided a budget of Rs.100000/- maximum and started finding quotes suited to my budget in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

I received various Quotes ranging from Rs.15000/- to Rs.150000/-

South is good for medical treatment doesn't mean that everybody in south is an angel. You will find frauds here too, that's why you need to be cautious.

As my budget was Handsome I had the Liberty to choose the best Doctor in town. So after rigorous research I finalized...

Dr. Anantheswar. Y. N
Senior Consultant & Head of Department
Department of Plastic Surgery
Manipal Hospital
HAL Airport Road, Bangalore    

He has been doing surgeries since 15 years or so. Good fellow, doesn't talk much so you need to ask questions.

04/11/11 - I went to Manipal Hospital for a consultation with Dr.Anantheswar. I told him I require Gynecomastia surgery. He asked to remove my Jacket & T shirt. I did as instructed and stood topless for the first time in front of someone. He examined my areola area on both sides with his fingers slightly pressing in and concluded that I have excess gland under the right areola. While left side contained more of fat.

Registration Fee (One Time) - Rs.100
Consultation Fee - Rs.500

When asked for a quote he directed me to Geetha, the relationship officer for Manipal Hospital. She gave me the following quotes

Room Category--- Price
1.General Ward-------- Rs.65000
2.Twin sharing room--- RS.90000
3.Private room-------- Rs.120000
4.Ultra Special room-- Rs.130000
5.Ultra Deluxe room--- Rs.160000

I opted for the General Ward option - Rs.65000

Doctor had also given me a list of tests to be done before Surgery. They are as mentioned below;

10.ECG-ADULT - Rs.180
11.XRAY CHEST PA (CXR) - Rs.200

05/11/11 - I got the tests done next morning as you need to give the blood sample post a fasting period of 8hrs to 10hrs. So I came to the hospital and gave the blood sample on an empty stomach.
Next I was told to give one more blood sample two hours after having breakfast.

08/11/11 - Got my reports, everything normal. Next I was asked to get "fit for surgery" approval from a General Physician and the Anesthesiologist.

Consultation for Fitness - Rs.400  

Now that the prerequisites were in place only thing remaining was the date. After checking with Dr.Anantheswar's secretary (Kusum) I got the date 15/11/11. Dr.Anantheswar said I need to get admitted a day before the surgery.

I have quite some hair on my chest which aids sweating and hinders hygiene, so I wanted to go for surgery without hair. I decided that waxing would be best as hair doesn't grow back soon compared to shaving.

14/11/11 - I called up Manipal hospital at 04:00 pm to confirm my arrival at 07:30 pm. I arrived at 07:30 pm and reported at the admissions department where I did the necessary paperwork and payment of Rs.65000. Then I was allotted a bed on where I changed into the hospital dress provided and slept. I was not allowed to eat or drink anything after 12:00 am.

15/11/11 -  Couldn't sleep well due to the noises and activities going on around me so was already up around 04:00 am. I had asked my friend to get me ready made waxing strips as I couldn't find a Men's Parlour before getting admitted. I waxed my chest myself in the Men's Room at around 09:00 am. I was taken to the Pre-Operative Ward where I met Dr.Anantheswar. He asked me to remove my top so that he could take Photos and mark the targeted area for surgery. As I removed my top the Doctor got shocked looking at my waxed skin. He asked me what happened. I told him that I have waxed my chest. To my surprise he said that I shouldn't have done that as the open Hair Follicles will cause severe skin damage post surgery. Hence the surgery has to be postponed till the red bumps on the skin don't dissipate. Doctor asked me to stay till tomorrow morning to see if the skin has eased down from the waxing.

16/11/11 - Doctor came in at around 11:30 am to check my skin. Immediately after having a look he suggested my discharge and asked me to wait till the red bumps and rashes caused due to the waxing don't ease off. So at around 01:00 pm I was discharged from the hospital with a prescription of antibiotics and skin cream for my waxed chest. My Waxing costed me around Rs.5000 due to the canceled hospitalization. I am usually very cautious for such things, then how did I screw up like this? Truth is, it wasn't my mistake. I had asked the duty doctor last night if I can wax before surgery, That Idiot confidently said "Ya sure, Its absolutely fine if you want to wax your chest. Go ahead."
Dr.Anantheswar asked me to come back after 4 days, so that the skin calms down.

22/11/11 -  I arrived at around 03:45 pm at Plastic Surgery Dept, Manipal Hospital to meet Dr.Anantheswar. He inspected my Skin and with a smile said "Its fine now, we can go ahead for the surgery". I was so relieved ! I asked Kusum for a date, after checking his planner, no date was available till late next month ! That would mean a delay of more than a month for my surgery and everything on hold for that month... Suddenly Dr.Anantheswar came out of his cabin and said "The patient scheduled for Surgery on 24/11/11 just called in to cancel his appointment" Kusum smiled and asked "Will 24th be fine?" My answer "OH YES !!!"  ;D ;D ;D


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I had recently consulted Dr. Anantheshwar in manipal hospital. As i was still unsure about undergoing a surgery he gave me his visiting card(may be it had his personal number, not sure)to call him up if I made up my mind to undergo the procedure.But I misplaced his visiting card like a complete idiot. I would be very grateful if you could pass on the numbers to contact him (the ones on his visiting card)if you have it or mail it to "".


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