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 I have had gynecomastia for about the last nine years. Luckily I live in a place with very cold weather. About nine months of the year, it is cold so I can wear a baggy sweatshirt or a jacket to hide my gynecomastia. I only have problem in the hottest three months of the year when I absolutely have to wear a T-shirt or otherwise people will think I am crazy for wearing a sweatshirt in hot weather.

I really feel bad for the guys who live in a place with very hot weather since they cannot really wear sweatshirts most of the time. I cannot even imagine living in a place where I can to wear a t-shirt for most of the year. I think that weather can play a big role in how badly gynecomastia influences our lives.

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Yeah, I live in LA so its a real pain in the ass.

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That's something I always hated about gyne: wearing jackets, coats, sweat shirts, etc. as much as possible.  I really like warm weather, but I'd always dread the Spring and Summer months because I wouldn't be able to wear a big coat to hide my chest.  It's little things like that that add up over time.
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I consider myself lucky as well. Winter = favourite season!

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I really like warm weather, but I'd always dread the Spring and Summer months because I wouldn't be able to wear a big coat to hide my chest.

Yeah, I hear ya Dewd....  

Oh, how I dreaded the spring/summer  :-/. Early each spring, I would think.... "How am I going to get through this summer?". The big heavy parka coat would stay on until at least +20C  :o. Everyone would say, "Dude, aren't you hot with that coat on?". All I coud say was, "No, I'm fine". It was very difficult to shed my 'security blanket' each spring. When it got unbearably hot with the parka, I would then revert back to the usual tight t-shirt with a button-down over top.

Gynecomastia consumes your whole life.....   :'(

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Summer and Spring are not my favorite time of the year. I like beggy cloth tohide the gyne. Winter is a better season for me.

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I live in the hottest part of the uk.... okay it's not california but we do get pretty hot and the tarmac melts on the roads....

I have hated the summer for two years .Wearing leather jackets and dark coloured clothing. Before I got gyno I used to walk everywhere without a shirt on, any excuse.From april I would go topless. That is what I found the hardest , changing how I led my life.

For the past year I have been working out like mad after getting off the meds that caused this. Apparently It is almost gone , although I still have a slight issue. Will I venture out without a t-shirt I don't know.

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