Author Topic: Is that gyno or fat?  (Read 1291 times)

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Do I need the surgery for this? I've lost over 30lbs and my chest did not seem to be responding to the weight loss. Is there any other ways to reduce my chest fat?

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Looks like fat to me

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Nips are a bit puffy 

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In some ways it matters little. Fat or breast tissue it presents the same problems of jiggle, sore nipple change in looks etc. You may still get some discomfort but will be spared pain of breast growth. 
Immobilise them and apart from transforming your outline you are good to go. A standard bra is the wise health choice rather than using binders. Getting your own head round this can take a deal of time. One thing I can guarantee is that you will look better with a bra than baggy tops an this boosts self esteem. Ultimately it has to be your pathway in your time

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Unfortunately, when one loses weight, one cannot instruct the body where you want the fat to diminish.  Oftentimes when gynecomastia is present and then weight loss occurs, the fat portion of the gynecomastia will reduce but the breast tissue will remain.  Hence, the breasts will get somewhat smaller but will never disappear.  Therefore, to get a flat chest, surgery will be required.

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