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great to see so many of the same problems as me so you do not feel like an idiot.

I have had problems with my breasts since I was young , overweight and jewelery antidepressants medeciner and food problems has meant that I always had problems with this.

Now at last , I have increased my dosage of Zoloft , which has meant that I had an enlarged mammary gland tissue in the left breast , also very sammlad fat around your other breast . have swelling like that genes that make my fat mass right there .

I train cardio and gym as heck now to get max results from training and keeps strict diet now to see if this disappears , however, do I lose fat but not on the breasts will probably be surgery to remove it now before summer.

has been on the breast clinic here in town and they 've looked at the problem .
does not know that the doctor takes me on such a large limestone but that he sees it more as something small problem and that it will go down as the years go by.

I work as a swimming instructor and teaches me baröverkropp daily.
kids that I have in the swimming school 's naturally gorgeous and kind
but hear very often they ask me why I have breasts? !

I see it as the kids are outspoken and wondering jewelery but now it has become more and more tedious as people and parents around the surrounding hear what children say and I feel completely useless and ugly and uncomfortable.

Should I go to the health center and get a new referral after I gaat lose weight and this will be so visible that I MUST do an intervention ? !

do not want someone inexperienced doctors who are not concerned about my looks but just remove the whole thing so it curves inwards instead of outwards.

but that's the thing with the cost of the surgery then ..

I made ​​it teaches it be cheaper via the County Council and expensive at a clinic that makes cosmetic surgery ? they're more concerned about the outcome , it feels like ....

what would you've done?:(


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If you want to look right after the surgery you need to go a doctor with the right experience or you will look worse then you do now!


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