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Hey guys,

A couple years ago I was a member of this site. Unfortunately I can't find that account so I had to create a new one.

I had the gynecomastia surgery a while back. Probably 5 years or a little more to be exact. The surgery was performed by Dr. Fielding of Toronto. At the time I was somewhat pleased with the surgery as I was about 10 pounds heavier so the surgery seemed like it was proportionate to my body but still not fully happy then but kept with it.

However, in the last 2 months I've been on a fat loss diet and am melting fat off my body while trying to maintain muscle. I'm noticing now more than ever that the surgery was not done very well at all.

My chest still looks very coney, and breast like, still. I've been doing many chest exercises such as a light bench press work, isometrics and calisthenics trying to shape my chest but I'm at a standstill here because all other parts of my body are responding really well to the exercise but the leaner I'm getting the worse my chest is beginning to look. I weigh about 170. Its getting to the point that I don't want pursue this fatloss diet any more purely because my chest is just looking worse the better the rest of my body looks. I will try to get some pics up soon.

I'd like to go back to Dr. Fielding and discuss some options with him, possibly another surgery (I wasn't fully done growing when I had the surgery, was 17 or 18 I believe) so its possible there was more to come or he just didn't do a good job. Paid over a grand for it!

Has anyone had the surgery before that wasn't pleased?

Do the doctors offer some kind discount if you have to go in for another surgery??

Thanks for all your help guys.

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sorry i can't actually really answer your question, but alot of people i hear arent pleased,

that sucks though, i plan on going to him pretty soon to get it done, i can't understand how it could look worse though, as long as puffy nipples are gone i'd be happy, even if it sinks in a bit, as long as my nipples dont stick through my shirt i could live with it

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There is a hypothetical explanation for your situation.  But first, you have to understand the anatomy.

In normal men, there is some small amount of breast tissue located under the areola.  When gynecomastia is present, there is usually both extra breast tissue as well as extra fat.

When gyne surgery is done, most surgeons will leave enough tissue (both fat and gland) so that the chest tissue thickness (ie pinch) is the same as the normal surrounding areas.  If too much tissue is removed at this point then there is a possibility of creating a crater deformity.

When someone loses weight after surgery, the weight loss will usually come from fat loss, but the gland tissue persists.  Therefore, after losing weight, your surrounding tissues will be thinner but the remaining gland will still be there -- and it will appear more prominent by contrast.  This is why most surgeons will recommend that you appear for surgery at your lowest and most comfortable weight.  Then the surgery will provide a normal contour for your body at that weight.

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I have a surgery booked with Dr. Fielding in 2 days, he seems like a really nice guy and many of this forum have had great experiences with him. Definitely worth speaking to him about it.

Pictures please!

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Thanks for the input guys!

I'm in no way trying to bash Dr. Fielding I hope anyone planning to see him isnt detered in anyway. Hes a fantastic surgeon and genuinely seems like a good dude. My surgery looked good at the time.

I think Dr Jacobs put it very well. At my first consultation with Dr. F, I weighed 230 lbs. He mentioned it'd be a much better idea to lose weight first before performing the surgery. So I went out, did that. My next consultation with him after some time I weighed around 170-180. Then booked the surgery.

I still weigh roughly the same but have more lean mass\less fat then when I had the surgery so they're looking more breast like. lol

I still feel some scar tissue in my left nipple as well.

Will have the pics up soon.


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