Author Topic: How Common Is Gyno In Males 19-30?  (Read 3455 times)

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I have a minor case of it, but I was just wondering how common minor gyno is. When I go to the gym or the beach I notice signs of gyno everywhere. I think most people just look around at it and just say to themselves "Well, he has it too, so it must be normal."

Anyway, how common is it for a guy to have a small gyno gland? It seems as if most people don't even notice they have it.

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Because the condition is actually considered "Normal." It is not usually noted or reported unless there is some kind of pathology (which is rare).

So, any information you find would be lacking in objectivity and completeness, it would be questionable at best.

It is generally believed that as many as 1/3 of the male population have visible or palpable breast enlargement. Some think that this is an overstatement and others are of the belief that the condition is under-reported. The incidence would seem to be around 50% in early puberty with a significant number of cases resolving. Leveling out a bit over 30% by adulthood. Then increasing in later life.

A friend who is a geriatric nurse says that the true incidence in men past the age of 70 would probably be well over 50%.

One of the problems is the lack of a commonly accepted definition of the term Gynecomastia. The term was first coined by the Greek Physician Galen and seems to have meant only breasts which were fully contoured like those of a woman. The term is now commonly used for any amount of breast enlargement in a male without regard to cause. I know of one Doctor who refuses to use the term "Gynecomastia" unless there is pathology present.

Among us here, If you perceive that your breasts are enlarged and it troubles you, you have it. In short the condition is self defined.

Sorry about beating about the bush to such a great extent, But I tried to give you the best possible answer.
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