Author Topic: How early is 6 weeks post surgery and if chest isn't flat will it be the result?  (Read 1816 times)

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So I'm 6 weeks post surgery now. And well I don't know how I feel. When I look at the mirror , I still see breasts and like nothing has been done. Even the excision can hardly be seen.

When I feel my chest, there is pain. And the chest feels very soft and when I press it, it goes in. I can feel hardness when I press down on the nipples and the surroundings also feel hard and painful.
I had excision and lipo done and a good amount of gland came out from what I saw, but my chest isn't flat. I can still grab tissue and fat when I grab the area between the nipples. Especially towards the middle of my chest next to my sternum, it is extremely soft and I can grab a huge chunk.

I thought with this surgery, I can be rid of this problem, but it seems nothing at all was done and I'm out a lot of money. I would go back to my surgeon but he lives in another state. And if I call him his office says he is busy.

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There can still be swelling after six weeks but obviously we cant tell without at least before after photos. Was this a cosmetic surgeon you went to? Not answering your  calls would worry me.
Make sure you dont have an infection.

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I'm just over 8 weeks post op and i still have some pain if i push into the chest tissue. its 1000 times better than it was so im happy.

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Last year in April I had a total knee replacement.  Obviously you did not have part of your bones replaced with Chrome Cobalt Steel, but there are some things that will be equal. 
At two weeks the skin was healed. The sutures and and staples were all out.
At 6 weeks I was released from Physical Therapy and went back to work.  The scar was still pink, there was still some localized swelling and I was only able to bend that knee 105 degrees.
It is now over a year.   The joint works much better, It flexes to almost 120 degrees.  The scar has faded and almost completely matches the color of the surrounding skin.  The swelling is completely gone and the joint now has a perfectly normal contour. 
I do not know when these different improvements came about, but it did truly happen over time.  The skin heals much faster than the underlying tissues.  6 weeks is far too early to be passing judgement.
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I agree with what the previous post said, I too have had total knee replacement!  Both of them as well as 3 major back surgeries,  and you need not rush things!


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