Author Topic: How large will Avodart make breasts?  (Read 3654 times)

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 I've been on Avodart about eight months (for benign prostate enlargement), and I've definitely noticed some breast tissue growth.  It's soft tissue, and at this point sufficiently generalized that it doesn't show in a woven shirt, and I'm not embarrassed by it.  My wife says it's no problem, either.  The question is what will happen long term?  How long have others taken Avodart, and did breast growth continue?  Did your breasts assume a more feminine appearance over time?

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I wish I could give you an honest answer. The problem is that the range is quite wide and my results may be very different from yours.

There are other medications available for BPH, You may take this up with your Doctor. Perhaps another medication can relieve your prostate problem without the side effects.

Speaking of side effects, loss of libido etc. is among the more common side effects listed for the various medications used for BPH. You may want to look at the whole profile of potential side effects before making a change

Good luck!
Grandpa Dan

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New member here. I was wondering if the original poster has an update on how this has progressed for him over the long term?

I have been taking Doubluts (dutasteride(Avodart) with tamsulosin) for BPH treatment for about 5 months now and I am wondering if it is only in my imagination that I am noticing some breast swelling. While the medication has reduced the BPH symptoms of greatest concern to me, I am also most definitely experiencing other recognized side effects of the medication - loss of libido, impotence and retrograde ejaculation.

I am interested to hear what other long term user's experiences of BPH treatment drugs has been. I am trying to determine how breast swelling might appear and how likely it is to occur. Is it something that is common and has 'petite' limits or does breast growth persist while one remains on the medication?

The consumer medical information descriptions I have been able to find seem to indicate a breast growth side effect would be more likely limited to one side and perhaps form as a firmer enlargement behind the nipple rather than the development of fuller more female appearing breasts.

I'm 69 now and I prefer to pursue the medication path rather than a surgical prostrate intervention for as long as possible. What am I possibly in for?

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I am now on dutasteride/avodart - tamsulosin for about 9 years as medication for BPH. It works as such.
Over that time my breasts have grow to about 36B (GBsizing).
In the first 2 years it threw my hormones out of balance. I had my night sweats, hot flushes, leaking breasts, sharp breast pain (left), probably caused by a blocked milk duct.
My breasts and nipples are still sensitive and quite perky. I have experimented with various types of bras, but usually can do without.There are signs however that gravity will win.

I like the constant gentle jiggle (but not the bounce).
I read a doctor explaining that breast grow caused by dutasteride rarely exceeds a B cup.
I experimented with pueraria mirifica, a herb for breast growth. It seemed to work but I had to give it up because it raised my blood pressure.

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Thanks for the information Ivegotum. Good to know at least the meds work long term on the BPH!

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I've decided to stop using Duodart for the moment and will instead take just the Tamuslosin component to see how effective that is managing my BPH going forward. For the record I have experienced a number of side effects I believe are attributable to the Dutasteride (Avodart) component both obvious and subtle. The breast tissue growth was really one of the more subtle and possibly least bothersome issues for me. After 9 months I have what I believe to be palpable breast tissue of a full AA size cup but in reality it is not much more discernible than ordinary man boobs on many guys my age. Other side effects are what pushed me to stop.

For those who are interested my chest measure hasn't really changed much in the last 3 months which was when I first started to become conscious of the changes. It is however something of a measure that is hard to quantify. I'd say my impression was the projection did not change over the intervening 3 months but the sideways growth filled out. It certainly feels more like a real full handful now. Perhaps my development due to Avodart had topped out. I'll probably never know.

Most of the literature seems to imply this particular side effect wont go away having stopped the Dutasteride although some other things might resolve slowly.

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so true what you have will stay itoo have BPH and take finasteride among others tthat cause boob growth I am comfortable with mine so I take my meds
there are over 90 meds that cause boobs


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