Author Topic: How long do you wait to buy a different size bra?  (Read 991 times)


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Hello everyone. I'm going through some major life changes including quitting smokeless tobacco. I'm almost 2 weeks clean from tobacco, but I've packed on a few pounds in just those two weeks plus the few weeks leading up to being off of that nasty stuff. No easy feat after dipping for the past 10 years.... anyway, once my cravings are finally done and I'm not snacking as much to satisfy cravings, I plan on getting back into shape. I could use a larger cup size right now for sure, but don't want to spend all the money to revamp my dresser just to be back to my old size in a few months.... any thought? I included a pic of how I overflow some after a good scoop and swoop. Thanks


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Thanks charli. I'll try out some cinnamon tea for sure 👍 


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Egads, upsizing never even occurred to me. My problem started seven months ago and I understand that if this breast growth is related to hormonal imbalance that breast size increase can continue for two to three years? From dead flat, I'm currently at a 36B+ If I have to upsize, as much as I have grown to appreciate more fem styles I'll may switchover to plain sports bras until growth stops. 

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I found that pullover style (or 'step into') can work well, and they can also accommodate changes in breast size - up to a point.  They may not work well for true C or D cups.
There are several brands.  Mine are Hanes, and I got them at Walmart.  They are very inexpensive, easy to put on / take off, are very comfortable, and - most importantly for many here - are virtually invisible under even T-shirts that aren't too tight.  I got black, beige and the one shown here.
They have removable pads - which don't really 'add' to my breasts' projection, but cover the nipples and help with general appearance (and help in cooler weather.

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Hello everybody;
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I’ve been asking the same question. Wondering if I should get a larger cup yet. Changing sizes would be opportunity to try a different type of bra I guess. I’ve been looking at all sorts of wired ones. Have you tried many different kinds?


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Scooping and swooping you are likely to be much fuller than if you did and waited an hour to look again as your chest and tissue will fall more in place after some moving around. However if you’ve been active and are still spilling out than I think it’s fair to assume you may be outgrowing the bra. 
I remember wearing a 34b and feeling great in it and then one day went to the bathroom at work and noticed the defined line of my breasts above my cups pushing out a bit and took me by surprise. Went home tried my other 2 bras same size and did some chores in each and came back and seen same result. 
Idk if true just heard if you’re spilling out the top like that it’s likely you’ve moved on to bigger sizes. I tried a 34c and found they fit just like my 34bs used to. 
I have gotten much more focused on my lifting and workout routines lately and found my 34Bs fit great again. 
I’d say if your weight fluctuates by a sister size for safe keeping. 


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