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I have had 'it' since 14 or so. I remember the doctor telling me it would go away at 18 and i  couldnt wait until i was 18. Obviously that never happened...i am 24 now, 6ft, 160 lb. I have puffy nips, not the worst case by any means, but have the hard lumps and there seems to be a little bit of fat surrounding them.

I asked my doc a year ago about it and he said it still looks like i have some 'baby fat' and he thinks it will still diminish over time. Im 24 and like said 160 lb, good muscle tone. Baby fat?? Needless to say i didnt believe him..

That being said...i have noticed my body is still changing. In the past 6 months i have grown back hair in a couple of spots that i never had. I used to just have it on the back neck area but now have it lower in patches. Its weird to me because i feel like i went through puberty years ago. A doctor may be better able to explain it, but it could back up the the baby fat statement..

It sounds like in my case lit is the tissue that needs to be removed more than the fat. I hear fat tissue can come back after surgery if you are overweight but havent seen anybody with my type of situation where its mostly the hard lumps. Anyone?
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can't really help ya but i can tell you that my old man started growing hair on his arms in places he never had a few years ago (he's 50 years old), so i don't think it has anything to do with puberty

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I think the hair growing, is actualy hair growing from old age, after 21 you start going down hill..your body peaks at 21

"Body Fat" is how much percent fat is in your body, I am 17% body fat.  A certain percent of that lies in my chest.  Everybody's body stores fat differently.  

Fat cells dont go away, the are like a balloon.  You deflate them, they are still there...but smaller.  You blow them up, the are big, and still there.  Lipo is like a quick fix your supposed to work out to keep the fat off.  You are taking a short cut to getting skinny by working out by using lipo.  

To get rid of your puffy nips, just run outside a few times a week and try not to eat fatty foods.  Switch to skim milk, eat less cheese, if none at all.  Less bread.  No fried food.  Things like that.


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