Author Topic: I think I have geno any help???  (Read 1911 times)

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I am 15 and i think i have Geno and do not want to talk to my parents about it
what can i do?

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From another post, I found that the condition appeared when you were 13. So you've had the condition for about 2 years.

That being the case, there is still a chance that the condition will regress with no action required.

Again, looking at another post, I found that you have compensated successfully by the simple act of having your nipples pierced. If that is true, then your condition probably is not bad enough to warrant surgery. The ultimate decision here is yours to make though and my opinion should not deter you.

Without your parents approval and even their support there is nothing else you can do until you are an adult except to conceal your condition or flaunt it.

You really need to talk to someone so you can avoid the psychological pitfalls that frequently come to those of us who become obsessed with hiding ourselves. The best would be an understanding parent, but there are other alternatives as well. Grandparents are sometimes a very good resource since they are close enough to be caring while being distant enough to be objective. A Psychologist can also sometimes be helpful.

Good Luck
Grandpa Dan

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thanks for all of your help.

i really appreciate your help



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