Author Topic: If you could have surgery anywhere in the world...  (Read 1320 times)

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...where would you do it? Which hospital has the best doctors? I heard good things about Czech Republic and Thailand, But I'm unsure of surgeon's name.

Location is no issue, but Asia, Europe or Latin America would be best.

What's the top 5 places/hospitals/surgeons?


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I can't imagine too many people here have vigorously compared their local surgeons to those on the other side of the world. On this board there are a lot of members from the USA and UK. I would find which surgeon has the best reputation on this board and go there. At the moment Levick in the UK seems to be the most talked about recently.

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Every surgeon must have his/her own learning curve rate, but I'm wondering what the average threshold number of gynecomastia surgeries are required for one to be considered very competent (I do understand that there will be surgeons who may never master the art).


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