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Hello everyone, I would just like to introduce myself really quick. Firstly I am in the US Army and I have gone through hell and high water to get rid of what I think is male breasts (moobs). In basic training my nickname was “nipples”. I lost over 40 pounds, I was one of the fastest runners in my company however, my chest never seemed to flatten down. I don’t know if what I have is even Gynecomastia but I know they have always seemed larger then normal, I don’t swim, I don’t play skins during sports, I just hate taking off my shirt in front of anyone, and this is the way it has been since I was young and started to notice them.

I have talked with my finance about them and she doesn’t even seem to mind. Although she has never complained about them,Ive had issues with her looking at them sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable. However she thinks I am overreacting, so that makes me wonder if I even have them. So I guess my question is how I know that I have or don’t have Gynecomasita.

By the way, I have been going to the gym for a while now, and they have seemed to change slighty, however while the rest of my body seems to change greatly, my chest does not even though my main focus on each gym day is CHEST. Another question I have is, I know women body builders will eventually lose their breasts and look just like a man’s chest, If that is true, then would that not be the same for anyone with Gynecomasita? Or is this a result of steroids, and other hormone enhancing drugs, or surgery?

Again I don’t know if I really have Gynecomasita but my nipples are the size of a silver dollar and the puff out a bit and from the side it might be mistake for small boobs.



P.S. I don’t believe in any cosmetic surgery.. there has to be another answer, THERE HAS TO BE…..

*Sigh again*


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