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Ehhh I’m sure like many they came and went. May be taking a break or may have gotten what they used the forum for and called it a day. Like any forum people come and go. But they were good dudes hope they’re alright. 

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I'm sitting here at the moment itching both of my breasts.  I vaguely recalled this thread and came looking for it.  I've had the feeling my breasts are growing, that they are filling my brassiere cups.  I hadn't really thought about the itching until this morning but it definitely has gotten my attention at the moment.  My nipples are on fire, especially my left nipple.  Massaging my breasts and touching my nipples helps a bit.  I did use a razor to remove some hair, but didn't shave my breasts.  I wonder if the bit I did aggravated the skin.  Or, perhaps I am in a growth spurt.  My breasts are getting large enough it is a challenge to conceal them.  I may be losing that particular battle... mmm.


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Whatever the outcome of the itch I’m glad ya don’t find the result growth or not to be a word that rhymes with itch lol. Late last and most of this week mine have been sore like a chest workout and can’t tell if it’s haven’t worn a bra for a few days or if things are growing but I remember thinking I wonder if this is what women deal with when they complain about theirs being sore lol


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Is the itching confined to the nipple or sometimes the areola or even the skin just beyond?
Actually all three AND underneath it all... it can be maddening when it's well under the areola. 

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Yikes, luckily I haven't experienced much of that.

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My nipples are not itchy but very sensitive. And not only the nipples, even the areolas.
A bra is just an article of clothing for people with breasts.

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I use Joy organics CBD salve on my boobs. Takes away the dull ache, itching and helps moisturize. Sometimes my nipples get really sore. That salve helps a lot. And has a nice soothing smell to it.


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