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F**K these puffy nipples and how they make me feel.
Rare weekend off, steak dinner, wine, and really amazing night with partner. Woke up feeling good. Joined in bed by our kids this morning for cuddles and my little one bursts out laughing and says 'big nipples' and I try not to react because I don't want to pass on my neurosius to them but....damn,it has just taken the wind out of my sales.

Really want the excision. I just think as I get older it will be more and more prominent and 'man booby' and I work in an environment where cruel comments can be made. (my little one wasn't being cruel at all, just innocently noticing that yeah... I have big, puffy, feminine nipples that other daddy's dont)

Anyway. Sorry. Rant over.

F**K gyne. 

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Both my boys tried to breast feed off of me when they were babies. I was always worried about how my boobs could effect them. Would they be embarrassed to be seen with me? Would other kids make fun of them for having a dad with boobs? Would they have boobs? Yes to the first two, no to the last..thankfully.
I have always felt left out by them when it comes to meeting their friends, girlfriends, gf's parents, etc. I think all kids are embarrassed by their parents, just because of the generational divide. It must be so much worse when Dad has womanly breasts. 

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Kids are kids; if they find something interesting or out of the ordinary they will naturally be curious about it.  Just this morning my lovely 7-yr old daughter was all fired up about her dance recital and decided to wake me up by poking me in the chest, and when asked "why are you doing that" her response was "because it feels soft" - WTF?

Honestly IMO this is the best scenario any man can hope for; a next generation that finally doesn't see "puffy nipples", pseudo-gynecomastia, real gynecomastia, etc., as anything than what it is ... a male body type that is clearly still outside the norm, but means very little in practice.  Frankly, the two women in my life have made having a "bit of boob" much easier; my wife actually likes them for some reason (but doesn't understand that it doesn't "do it for me" like it does with hers), and my daughter, well, she's never had a dad that didn't have a little something-something up there and clearly doesn't respect any boundaries :)

Our children are our most honest look into our future.  Embrace the things they innocently make you feel uncomfortable about, since, well, maybe you won't need to feel uncomfortable about that much longer...

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My wife loves mine too, she's always nuzzling into them and at least 2-3 times a day she will come up behind me put her arms around me and give both boobs a good healthy squeeze.

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Yes, kid's comments can seem to be cruel -- but they are not intended to be that -- it is just their innocent observation.

If you have had puffy nipples most of your adult life, then they will not magically disappear and would require surgery.  In the hands of a gyne expert, this operation is fast, easily tolerated and yields permanent satisfactory results.  If you are motivated, then do your research and find a gyne expert in your area or consider traveling for such expertise.  I have had many patients tell me afterwards that the surgery was "life changing."  Hope you can join that group!

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