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Are extremely large areolas (wide circumfrence), in and of itself, indicative of gyne?


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   From what i know, it COULD be an indicator of gyne. Gland tissue under your nipples can cause the areolas to appear puffy and large in size. However, everyone is different, and im sure some people just have slightly larger areloas...and this doesn't mean they have gyne.
An indicator of gyne is more when not only your areolas are large, but when they appear to be ''puffing out'' and giving the chest a female breast-like appearance.


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Are extremely large areolas (wide circumfrence), in and of itself, indicative of gyne?


Large areola can be from tissue stretched from breast and fat.  Deflate the envelope like letting air out of a balloon, and the diameter of the areola can decrease.

Check out the many before after pictures of this Areola / Nipple Gallery here, here, and here.  These results are typical for my sculpture of my patients.

Large areola can also be a complication of poor surgical technique like this patient from Australia.

Large areola can also be a natural variation.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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Yup, when you have a build up of fat and gland its like a balloon situation. Once the balloon is popped (excised) the areolas reduce in size.

Ummm...I hear you bro! But large areolas are not always indicative of gyne.  I think someone else already stated that areaola size is genetic...gyne is when you have breast or glandular material behind the nipple, causing it to protrude. If you JUST have large areolas, not protruding or puffy nipples, then that's just genetic. If it really bothers your that much, then you can get surgery for that too. Best of luck, -J.


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