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Hello everyone, I am considering having surgery. My one main concern is that I am a pretty active parent of two little kids. One weighs about 15 pounds and needs to be picked up regularly and the other weighs about 35 pounds (but does not need to be picked up regularly). How soon after surgery will I be able to take care of my kids?


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I am 8 days post op and have a 2 year old, so these were logistics I needed to work out as well. My wife has been very helpful, so thats been making this much easier, but I'd say after about 2 weeks you should be able to lift them, generally speaking. I know early on its important to not have the muscles flexing and moving so much as the skin settles, so to the extent possible, I'd try and get as much help for the first couple of days. Obviously, its something to bring up with your PS as they might tell you differently. I can say, that its totally worth it, despite the inconveniences with the early stages of healing and kids.


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