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My name's Phil and
I have just decided that I am going to do something about this problem that I have had for many years.
I'm 38 and I have been to see a surgeon about having my man boobs removed.
It has taken a long time for me to face up to this and by visiting this site it has made me realise that I am not alone and other people
understand some of the problems that I have had.
But now I'm worried because I have read that alcohol is a contributing factor to Gynecomastia. Now, I don't really know what came first,did I drink too much to mask my embarrassment or did the drink cause it. It probably doesn't matter but my surgeon has asked for a Liver Function test as part of my pre op and I don't know whether this is something that will prevent the surgery from going ahead or whether it is a normal test to determine weather there is another problem that needs to be addressed separately.I wonder if anybody knows anything about this.

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It is always a good idea to get yourself checked out before surgery to make sure you have no ongoing problems.

A Liver function test is one of many tests that can be run to check for possible causes of your gyne.  Considering that you seem to have had Gyne for several years I can only assume that your doctor has discussed your general drinking levels with you and feels good reason to check this particular aspect out before surgery.

However don’t worry.  One step at a time.  See what comes back in the results and take it from there.
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Alcohol does not cause Gynecomastia in any direct way. But it can be a very strong cause in a rather indirect way.

Even men have Estrogen, we just have a lot less of it than women do. Estrogen is neutralized in the liver, so diminished liver function can result in an elevated Estrogen level. Alcohol is very toxic to the liver.

Low levels of testosterone can be a factor in gynecomastia even if the Estrogen levels are normal. This is because the balance between Estrogen and Testosterone has shifted. Alcohol is toxic to the testes.

A double whammy!
Grandpa Dan


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