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I'm 21-22 years old and looking at undergoing surgery for what is definitely glandular gynecomastia before the end of this year. I think I have enough money saved up ($4000-$5000) but can sort out the difference if need be. I am mostly focussed on getting the surgery done right and not have to worry about revision or lasting issues. I am hoping to be almost entirely recovered from the surgery in 2-3 months and be back to working out and normal college-age activities. I am in relatively good shape (I think my bodyfat% is between 16-19% but it varies a little), but definitely know that losing my gyno will allow me to focus on losing more bodyfat as I will be less concerned about the pointy chest.
Does anyone know of good doctors in the Rhode Island/Southern Mass. area that you would recommend?

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You should consult with Dr. Silverman in Boston.

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