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hi everyone! i'm new to this site but i just want to say it has been a God send for me. i've read many of your stories and it feels amazing to know that i'm not the only one who feels this way. it feels even better to know that there are solutions to this! its only been a few days since i've learned that surgery is even an option and for the first time in my life i feel truly hopeful for a bright future! i've gained much inspiration and hope. thank you all.

i'm 17 and have delt with gyne for many years. ever since i started to notice girls and self image became important to me i noticed that i was some how different from the other guys. needless to say high school has been rough. i play sports so i've been seen shirtless often, especially in the locker room. at a time in one's life when looking attractive is extremely important i felt ugly. do i even need to mention the comments a young man with large puffy nipples recieves in a locker room full of other "normal" looking guys recieves? my confidence and self esteem was at an all time low. i felt depressed. i felt different, ugly. i felt like a freak. my nipples have become a crippling social handicap. i will avoid any situtation that might require me to remove my shirt ( ex. pools, beaches, ect..) even though i really like to swim! and when it came to girls, FORGET ABOUT IT! i was afraid to even try to talk to them because i felt like all they would see is the flaw on my chest. i felt flawed and self hatred set in. i had always been "pudgy" as a child (my parents just said i was "husky")... i was overweight. i had man boobs. i started taking exercise and diet very seriously and i began lifting weights. i'm now obsessed with the sport and i look ALOT better now. my boobs dissapeared and are now replaced by a muscular chest yet no amount of lifting will make my puffy large nipples go away. recently i discovered that surgery can ACTUALLY FIX THIS!! i feel so hopeful now and i can't wait to get the operation! i would love and appreciate ANY advice or tips about gyne surgery! thanks for reading and keep on fightin! NEVER GIVE UP!!

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thanks for sharing and I am glad you have inspiration and hope keep that way I can understand you cause I am also 17 years old and in highschool I know it gets hard especialy with gynecomastia but I see you are going for operation and that is great  ;D you will see that everything is going to fine don't let yourself down or let someone else put you down WELCOME you know I'm also new to the website  ;D

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Welcome aboard.  I was new just a month or so ago.  I too have learned so much from this website.  I am so glad that you younger guys are finding this website early on in life.  I wish we had have had something like this when I was your age.  Make sure you do a lot of reading so you know what path to take.  I learned that I needed to see an endocrinologist so find out if there was a cause that might make they gyno come back if I have surgery.  Talk to your primary doctor and get this conversation started.   Also, if you start looking for a plastic surgeon, look through what some of the people have said and write down questions to ask him/her.  The most common disappointment I've read about is those who have gone in for reduction and only got lipo.  It sounds like if you have worked off all the rest and some still remains, there may be gland that needs to be excised.  Be sure to discuss this.

You wrote:
when it came to girls, FORGET ABOUT IT! i was afraid to even try to talk to them because i felt like all they would see is the flaw on my chest. i felt flawed and self hatred set in.
I can relate, but I want you to know that it really doesn't matter to the girls as much as it matters to you.  They are more interested in how you treat them and how you handle yourself.  When I first started dating my now wife, I was worried about what she would think.  When I brought up the subject to her with much fear and apprehension, she said she never noticed before and that it didn't matter to her.  Now, 21 years later, she is still okay with it but understands my hatred of them and how they have affected me over the years.  All this to say "get a life".  Until you get this fixed, move forward with confidence with the girls.  I'm really glad I did and I'm sure you will as well.

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Welcome. I joined last week, the day of my consultation, and I am now just several hours post-op! If you go the surgery route, you should be very happy. That is great that you were able to spend this "waiting" period getting in shape and getting a good chest. Once that gyno is removed, you'll look fantastic. The biggest misconception people have is "Lifting weights makes gyno look worse." That just isn't true. Having a decent amount of muscle definitely over rides the gyno problem, and once you take care if it through surgery, again, you look great. Good job man, keep at it, and hopefully one day soon you can get surgery  ;D
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