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I don't have much in the way of body hair, but I do have a tuff of hair in my cleavage. I was shaving it until recently until I tried Nair. 

I'm amazed how well it works, and how smooth it leaves my breasts. 

Has anyone else tried it?
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I only have maybe 20 hair on both breast so I have a weekly routine of plucking them with a magnifying light. Takes about 10 minutes to complete and my breast get a massage after with lotion.  I have to be careful with hair removal creams. 

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I don’t have any hair on my chest..never did. A couple of stray hairs appear on my nipples sometimes. ☹️

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I get the hair albeit its fine and blonde so it doesn't show much. 
But any depilation chemical products I avoid do to my reactions to them. 

But thats me. 

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I still end up with a few hairs that show up every month or so between the girls. I usually just get the waxed when I have my brows and bikini wax done.

I had tried my sister's nair as a teen. 


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I have never tried Nair.  I had a few treatments to remove the hair with light therapy. It works great on dark hairs, but my grey hairs remain, which I shave everyday with an electric razor.  Breasts just do not look good with hair on them.  It is also much more comfortable in a bra.  It has been about 10 years now that I have shaved them.  

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I used nair on my legs when I began shaving them and looked at my legs and went, jeez, how many razors is this going to take. Drew a bath, applied, rinsed, and shaved the little that was remaining. It worked like magic, always heard how well it did from relationships, but didn't realize it till using it myself. I did not enjoy the smell afterward and it lingered a bit. My wife came home hours later and asked what that smell was. Only thing I didn't like about using it. My chest has always been fairly hairless and little that shows up is easily taken care of with a couple swipes of a razor. I'd be curious how well nair works there, with how thin and sensitive the skin on the areola is and if it would cause any irritation or harm there? Had a buddy when I was younger who got tired of shaving his head with a razor and used nair and it blistered the heck out of his scalp. 


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