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Hi every one. I'm 32 years old man having this trouble since I was kid (12-13 years old)
I have been training in GYM for many years and succeed in shaping them a bit , but it's still disgusting during my bulk periods. Finaly I decided to have surgery and get rid of this problem. I have visited 2 docs in Istanbul one advised that mine are only fat tissue and lipo will be satisfactory , while other advised it's a mixed kind and both gland ( breast tissue ) and fats must be taken via surgical method together with lipo. To be honest,I am afraid to have a cut under nipple after having a look at some before/after pics and reading relevant complaints about this process. Yesterday I called another doc who advised that he is using vaser lipo method which causes no scars at all and helps recorvey period to be shorter.

In the light of abv , I have some questions to our dear doctors and the experienced patients :
- does vaser lipo technique is capable of removing the gland as well or it's just a facility to the surgeon to work easily ?
- if I have only my fats removed , will it be worse incase there is gland in my breast as well ? Should I need a second operation ?
- another doc told me that , nobody can undertand whether it's just fat or gland by exemining with his hand. It might not bee clearly seen in the ultasonic photos . the best way according to him is to start surgery with general anesthesia and take the fats first after that if he finds any gland there he would take it out by cutting the nipple as usual pactice. So I should leave myself to him and he would decide what to do during the surgery.

As you can see I am quite confused and need your urgent help to avoid taking any wrong step before.
I don't want to be regretful after all , I am 32 and get used to leave with my man boobs ...

Looking forward to have your encourageable msgs ...

Murat fm Turkey.

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 the vaser lipo method does not seems to be the  method of choice  of the doctor on this  site [  which these doc are some of the best in the  country]. I would be weary of a doc  committing to one method or another until he gets in there and looks
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Go with the guy who will cut out the gland.  Lipo will not suck out body organs. 


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Vaser Liposuction is probably the latest in a number of variations of the classic liposuction procedure.  Liposuction started in the mid- 80's and has evolved over the past 20 years.  Initially we used local anesthetic in the fat tissue to cut down on blood loss, then later we started using a "tumescent" technique, which involves injection of a large amount of fluid containing local anesthetics and medication to limit blood loss. 

In the mid 1990's we added ultrasound.  Ultrasonic probes vibrate so rapidly that they generate heat which melts fat and helps remove more of it.  The latest variation is addition of LASER energy, which basically heats up fat with a "laser beam" to help melt it away.  With ultrasound or laser, there is less bruising and swelling, but heating up fat can cause some problems with prolonged tissue firmness.  There's no perfect answer.

Most plastic surgeons don't jump into the latest trend.  It's usually best to follow results of new methods of treatment to be sure there's a proven, safe record. 

I hope this helps.

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thnx for your replys ,

It seems to be early to have vaser lipo as of now. Skilful doc would prefer to have the control in his hand.

Should I trust to the doc who told me that he will make general anesthesia in any case who will start with lipo and will continue surgical operation if needed.  How would it be even if there is gland , I only have my fats removed? Would it be worse or at least better that the present situation. I know I have no pics available but, I can say that mine is not so big and it's a bit shaped after 8 years of non stop weight training.

Turkish surgeons are most experienced on women plastic surgery therefore there exists no doc wellknown on gyno here. tdy I will visit 2 other docs. In the mean time costs are much more less in Turkey ( abt 2000$ / all in )

as far as I had seen fm this site most bad experiences are the ones who had mixed type ,thus who had his nipples cut in addition to lipo. This is why I am going to be happy if I have my boobs %50 smalled , no need to have a wooden chest if it's risky.If the breast gland is not that big it could be hiden with muscles. Isn't it ? but I am afrait it might be  more evident without the fats on the contrary.

I will have this operation done , hope I will choose the right way and forget all in a few months.

Wish me luck .



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