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Hey everyone, first day on the forum.  Has anyone every heard of Dr. Asare or had their gynecomastia removed by him?  I am skeptical about going to him for a few reasons.  For one, he is not a part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and it was difficult to find any credentials about himself. I found some decent reviews on google.  

So I called them up on Wednesday, everyone was super nice, and they told me they can squeeze me in for a consultation the following day, on thursday! So i went into his NYC office and was shocked they were able to get me in.  I first walked into the office and he was on his phone listening to me introduce myself while he had his office assistant standing in the corner not saying anything.  Then he tells me to take my shirt off, takes a 1 minute look, and then says he is going back to wash his hands and his office assistant follows.  So i'm sitting there for a few minutes and noticed he is recognized by the American Academy of cosmetic surgeons, and 2 other organizations I dont remember.  

After this, he came back in and sat down with me for about 15-20 minutes and we discussed everything about the procedure, he showed me some impressive pictures of his work, and it seemed like he was legit.  Says he has done over 2000 of these procedures.

I then walked into another room to speak with the office assistant from the beginning about pricing, which means that was they were talking about when he went to wash his hands. (shady business if you ask me).

Anyway, I explained my situation to her after she told me the price.  I am leaving for school on August 18th and I know that this is such a short time frame to have this done, so I asked if would it be possible.  She says yes, she can ask other people to switch their appointments with me and that she was going to bribe them.  So then she texts me saying she can do next week on JULY 30TH!!!

Their company is called Advanced cosmetic surgery of NY and they even offer their clients rides to and from surgery.  To me this seems a little desperate and I am unsure whether or not to go through with this because of how easy it was to get me in so fast, the lack of evidence on the internet that this guy is good, and it just seems overall too good to be true.  They even got me this financing option that i never heard of called Alphaeon?

Let me know what you guys think about this.  Sorry for the long detailed post, just kind of freaking out since this would be 5 days away.

Also- I am going to see Dr. DiBernardo today. They were also able to schedule a quick consultation. Let me know what you guys think.


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OK, IMO and If were you, I would seek out the best and make an appointment with him.  Based on what you wrote I would be a little suspicious of this surgeon and the people in his practice. See if they can have a couple of recent patients that are willing to speak with  you, call you. If they say that they can't do that, then I would question his performing over 2000 of these procedures.  Before I found Dr. Pope, who is right here in Orlando, I was going to travel to see Dr. Bermant in Richmond VA.  If I'm going to have this kind of surgery, I want the best!  If it meant I have to travel, then so be it.  Now that's just me... but I think its worth a little more exploration on this surgeon.

Good Luck!

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I am fairly new to this site, just discovered it a  few months ago. Anyway, my personal experience with this doctor is I went to go and see him and the same thing happened to me.He tells me to take  my shirt off with his assistant in the room, examines me and says you have gynecomastia. He then shows me a few pictures and tells me he has created a pill that you take before surgery and it will knock you out.I am then taken to his assistants office next door, to discuss the price I was asked what was my budget. His best and final price was $5,500 if I booked a date to do the surgery by  Monday.( I saw him on a Thurs.) I will not be using this doctor in the near future.

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I met with Dr. DiBernardo today and he tried telling me that my gynecomastia was 30% gland and 7-% fat.  He is a renowned plastic surgeon but his opinion was just wrong to me.  How could it be primarily fat I asked him, and then he said everyone is different and he could find out once he opens me up. yeah right.  this is a case of pro-hormone induced gyne and it clearly all gland.

After reflecting on my conversation with Dr. Asare he did seem to really know what he was talking about.  Although he did start off strangely, he came back in the office and had a genuine conversation with me.And maybe he and his office staff are just extremely nice and helpful. Since i am in a situation where i want to have this done before i leave for school, i am leading with Dr. Asare.

I tried everything like losing weight and so on to have this done but it just is still too noticeable and a month away from where i want to be able to take my shirt off with no worries.

I am leaning toward going forward with Dr. Asare even on this very short notice.

What do you guys think can go wrong with this surgery?

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Ok, well now I just read about some people having horror stories with this surgery. Are good before and after pictures along with a good description from the doctor sufficient to believe he is going to do a great job????

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I very rarely comment about other physicians -- but I would strongly advise you to seek a board certified Plastic Surgeon.  You should be aware that doctors who have other specialty training often join the "American Board of Cosmetic Surgery" which is a bogus board and not recognized as a legitimate board by the AMA.  You should endeavor to find out what his real training is, if he is board certified (and in what specialty) and how long he has been in practice.  It takes many years to accumulate 2000 gyne operations.

On a personal basis, I have performed a number of revision operations on his patients.

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