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Hey guys, I'm 19 right now and surprisingly enough this is the first time i've heard about this condition.

I was always kind of overweight as a child, especially during puberty, got made fun of when i went to the pool, that whole deal

This has made an extreme psychological impact on my life, and I am still not comfortable having my shirt off in public.

Now, I am still a little overweight (lovehandles, belly, etc) however for the past 6 months I've been lifting a lot and putting on muscle. I do have pockets of fat under each nipple, and depending on how I stand, my breasts can look really "booby", yet sometimes after a workout it almost looks like I have pecs.

In otherwords, my case isn't as extreme as some of the cases I"ve seen, however, is it just a matter of me being overweight? I know I could definitely do more cardio and lower my BF, but due to the fact that I've had "man boobs" since I can remember, how do I really know? It's kind of a scary thought knowning i may have had this and not nkown about it.

I read somewhere that if I feel a gland or lump under the nipples then I defintiely have it? I do feel a lump under each of my nipples and this scared the shit out of me.. i thought i could just work all of this off with diet and excersize considering they don't look too extreme right now, and the fat content seems proportional to the rest of my excess fat aroudn other parts of my body.


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Post some pics.
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Yeah, some pics would definitely help give us a better idea.  From my experience, I was overweight while during puberty, developed gyne, lost a ton of weight and was skinny.  I was 6' 1" and 180 pounds but still had the gyne.  It wasn't as bad being in good shape, but it still was noticeable.  I also worked out a lot, trying to correct the problem.  I did around 75 push ups everyday, with different techniques.  It actually made it worse for me, because the increased muscle pushed out the breast tissue.  I finally decided to have surgery (today actually).  I would talk to a plastic surgeon.  Find a board certified one, and have a consultation.  It only cost me about 75 bucks to just talk about it.  That's the best advice i can give.

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the pockets and lump say gyne.  don't let it freak you out, it can be a miserable curse, but it's not physically life-threatening. 
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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