Author Topic: Post Op glands, what to do with it;) ?  (Read 1579 times)

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What about taking that gland that the surgeon cut out,  marinate it really nice, on with some salt and pepper, and put it on your grill! Have a barbecue! I was actually asking my surgeon if i could get the gland when i was leaving the hospital, but he said that i wouldnt be too amazed about seein it. If he only know that i was about to grill it WELL DONE! AAAH I HATE THAT GLAND
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Haaaaaa punk ass gland got what it deserved  8)

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I am more with the thinking of a release of negative energy. Perhaps some tribal or medieval event involving burning, gnashing of teeth, screaming burn you nasty demon piece of shit !

Okay lets all arrange our version of the "burning man" in the next few months in the up shirtless, pounding our new flat chests, painted in primitive markings, and all toss the glands, fat and tissue into a giant bonfire.


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