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I'm going to my doc again on monday and told my mom. She didnt get mad but she was a bit angry and said that "I'm not gonna let you have surgery" (It's not a money thing becouse I live in a country with good healthcare and we do have money (we just sold our house)).

I told her that I'm not gonna get a surgery right here right now becouse of a random idea (I've actually been thinking about this for a couple of months), but get a bloodtest and/or stuff like that to see what causes my gyno and such or something I'm not 100% sure about anything. She (the doctor) said that she could check my testosterone levels just in case and check my "lower end etc." just in case, is this normal?

The same thing was when I had worse acne before (I wanted accutane/roaccutan but she was absolutely againts it). I'm taking antibiotics now and I'm much better but I'd want something more better.

I have told her (my mom) about my problem before that it's been there since 11 or so. I just don't get her, she likes us and everything but I think she's just too overprotective. I dont really like her but I care about her, I dont really hate her but sometimes I think she's just punishing me for something and I hate her very much sometimes.

Seems like my life's been blessed with a shitload of problems...

But I'm not gonna cry about them or list them here. I just wanna know that if she's not gonna give a permission for a surgery can I move away to live on my own and get surgery without her permission? Will she still be my official guardian?

Can't think of much else now, thanks for answering.

(I live in northern europe if that helps)

 I doubt she is punishing you for anything, probably just trying to protect you from surgery she doesnt think you need, parents have a hard time accepting any flaws in their children.

Go see your doctor and have them talk to your mother if they feel you need surgery too.

Disowning your own mother is a bit extreme. You would have to make a case of criminal  neglect or abuse, in which case you would (Im presuming youre a minor) be taken into care. You would have  no control over where you lived or who you saw or where you went to school. You'd most likely live in hostels and a succession of foster families, often with  young people who have severe emotional and behavioural problems. Even if you wanted to go back to your mother she most likely wouldnt be allowed near you unsupervised.

Doesnt really seem worth it to me.

EDIT - yes your lower end should be checked by the doctor. You can ask to see a male one if youre more comfortable with that though.
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congrats on finding the site.  how old are you now?
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Where are you from? If you're from Scandinavia, you can probably get surgery for free.

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so i assume you're going to be your own boss in a year or so.  it may seem like forever, but some ps's might have made you wait anyway. 

did you ask her for what reason she was against it?  if you discuss it with her, and if she learns more about it and gets to understand this is a big deal for most men that have it, she might even eventually change her mind. 


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