Author Topic: A "restart" ???  (Read 751 times)

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I budded about 3 years ago and as of a few months ago they seemed to stop. The painful spots disappeared as did the sensitivity. Nowadays the sensitivity has returned as well as some spots within the breasts being sensitive to compression as you'd get with a hug. 

I'm wondering if this a normal or common situation?

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I cycle in and out of tenderness too.
No pattern, but the growth has slowed.
In about 18 months I have gone from normal under bust of 44 to a 49 to 50 bust .

No discernible reason, doctors are baffled and we are still hunting for a diagnosis beyond’ idiopathic’.

I think many gynecomastia people have tenderness, not that I know many beyond this forum.
Regards, Bob

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they will continue a 4 step forward 2.25 steps back thing for a while. 


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