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Hey guys.  I'm really happy to be part of this board now as I had no idea that so many people had to deal with the things I have to deal with on a daily basis.  Selective clothes shopping, making up excuses why I can't go to pool parties, undershirts, etc, have become part of daily life, and it's hell.  I hate having to wake up in the morning and examine myself from all angles to make sure that my man boobs/puffy nipples can't be seen. Anyways, I've graduated college, living at home to save money and with my income I'll be able to save a good amount to get surgery.  So my question is, where do I start?

I've had the condition for about 8 years now, and I'm 22 years old.  I'm in pretty decent shape, I'm 5'11 and 176 lbs.  Not overweight, still have a small bit of a belly (not much at all), but my chest feels very fatty and I've got those infamous puffy nipples that poke out. I'll take pics later.

I have PPO insurance, so I was thinking of going directly to an endocrinologist (no referral necessary).  I've seen that mostly everyone here has visited one prior to surgery, so I'm sure I'll have to do the same.  Why?  Is that a way to figure out if it's horomonal problems causing the buildup?  Or would it be best to see my GP first and go from there?  I guess I first need to find out if it is in fact GYNE. I remember going to my GP when I was 15 to talk about the issue, but I'm pretty sure he brushed it off and said it would go away.

So can someone please guide me in the right direction so I can go ahead and live gyne free? I'm willing to do anything at this point.... The part that is the worst is 1) decreased sex life (avoiding sexual contact in order to conceal my gyne) and 2) having to be overly careful on what I wear... always standing with my arms over my chest to avoid the puffiness.  Someone please lead me in the right direction on the steps I should take all the way until I'm under the knife. Thanks.

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You are off to a great start.

Finding this board and a date with and endo, you are on your way.

If you have had G for 8 yrs, chances are VERY good it is not going away anytime soon.   Regardless of the results of your exam.

My suggestion would be to find a plastic surgeon who does these regularly and has good references.  Once you have found two or three that sound good, book a consult.  Most are usually around $100, but money well spent.

The single best thing you can do is your Dr. Research.  The key to G success stories is having the surgery done right the first time, revision is costly and difficult.

Study photos of the docs before and afters.  Email users on this board who have used the docs you are looking into.  Post a thread about the docs you are looking at and see what people say.  Find a doc you are comfortable with and will answer ALL your questions.

For me I wanted a PS who specializes in G, not someone who does a few a year.  Good Luck.

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Well said!

See the Endo. then start doing your homework about a Surgeon.

Pick carefully!

Good Luck!
Grandpa Dan


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