Author Topic: stem cells / PRP/ growth factors a viable option to replace scars?  (Read 1518 times)

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6 years post-surgery the bottom of the left peck feels like jello and I’m guessing that this is scar tissue.  At the time of my surgery I had a lot of inflammation in my body and was not sleeping well which is probably what lead to my poor healing.  As well, I had gone in for a revision a year after my original surgery and I had stupidly taken copious amounts of fish oil leading up the revision which lead to a prominent scar around the areola. 

Should I decide to go for another revision, it would have to be accompanied with an injection of my stem cells and platelet rich plasma into the wound which would significantly prevent any scaring.  Would this be a viable option at this time or are there no experienced surgeons willing to use stem cells and PRP for this purpose?

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Stem cells and PRP are surrounded by a lot of hype.  They are used sometimes in dealing with athletic injuries in an attempt to get them to heal faster.  There is nothing proven in the medical literature to say that stem cell injections will provide a better scar at the time of surgery.  You may have read that somewhere on the internet -- but then again, you can find anything on the internet.

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