Author Topic: Stuck between 2 surgeons, can't decide which one to pick (help)  (Read 296 times)

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Surgeon A removes the entire gland and uses fat flaps to prevent cratering, but uses a nipple incision to do so. This has the advantage of all of the gland being removed, but the disadvantage of possible unfavorable scarring.

Surgeon B removes 95-99% of the gland leaving some behind the nipple, but uses a technique where he goes through the side of the chest to remove everything instead of through the nipple. I think these scars look better and are more predictable than the nipple ones, but the disadvantage is that the gland isn’t 100% removed so theoretically has a higher chance of coming back. A lot of people will say the gland can’t be adequately removed with this method but the surgeon has videos on YouTube showing him removing the gland

I’ve seen a lot of posts of peoples scars from the nipple incision and the comments will say that it’s not noticeable and looks good but a lot of the time I don’t think so. I’ve also seen cases where it’s not necessarily the scarring looks bad but the nipples just look weird after the surgery

I also don’t think I’d be very prone to the gyno coming back because it’s been the same since I was like 10 years old and has never gotten worse even during times where it would’ve made sense for it to (weight gain, smoking a LOT of weed, eating like trash, etc). But after the surgery I honestly might do steroids and if not Im definitely going to get on TRT at some point in my late 30s-40s so it still might make sense to get the whole gland removed.
So yeah, just conflicted on which surgeon to go to. Any insight/advice/thoughts would be much appreciated


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