Author Topic: Surgeon in sacramento area  (Read 777 times)

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Hello i am looking for a gynecomastia surgeon in the sacramento/northern nevada area
Dr Delgado is a little too far at the moment. Please any suggestions would help

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I am up here in the northern part of Cali and through my research,  driving to the bay area, or la would be your best options. Delgado, and Cruise are top notch. Expensive but masters at their craft. There are some decent options up in Bellingham Washington that are way more affordable but lack the experience that some have. 

I am in the process of losing weight and then I think I'll be scheduling with Dr. Cruise. I am so ready for this to be over that I would pay an uber to drive me to and from. It is worth getting creative to get the transportation to whom is most qualified to get you the results you are looking for. I get maybe someone from this forum would be willing to drive u...?


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