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Has anyone felt a “Testosterone spike” before where yoou gan feel something like a liquid like surge going through the body and bringing up harsh and/or irrational feelings?


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Yes. Some weeks I’ll get in to power lifting after focusing too much on cardio and find during this I’ll have some days where I’ll feel normal and out of nowhere I just get angry and irrational. I chalk it up to doing things that caused natural testosterone increase and the body adjusting or trying to adjust to what has been estrogen dominance and testosterone breaking loose to surge for a moment. Usually lasts a few hours and I feel more calm later on along with anger and such I feel a lot more anxiety 

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If the graphs and data tables come thru
I bet you can see the spikes. Yes I felt them
exact as you stated.
Regards, Bob

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Intersting topic taxmapper, thanks for raising it.

I was recently discussing the correlation between testosterone and other stuff elsewhere on this forum, and in more depth previous to that on another forum which has nothing to do with gynecomastia.

What  I didn't realize until then is why the 'normal' range is so wide. It is because we can expect daily variations in T level depending on activity. That doesn't mean that someone with low levels is capable of topping out on the chart, but it allows for an array of conditions such as a person who normally lives a sedentary lifestyle but goes gangbusters at the gym or on a bike occasionally, just as much as a gym junkie who lives like a sloth every now and then. Age is also a factor of course. Since I started getting my T levels checked quarterly as well as my PSA 18 months ago, they have ranged from 407 to 537. Well within range but towards the lower end, and although the results don't seem too erratic, when you do the math it works out to 22% of normal range to 41% of normal range, and that is a big difference. My life is fairly constant but the differences could simply be a case of what I was doing in the days leading up to the blood test, or even the time of day that I got the test done.

As far as feeling a surge due to a sudden spike which affects behaviour, I think that's fairly common, although I don't experience them any more often than hot flashes which are probably due to testosterone dips. I do experience both, but not often.

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Complicate your view by factoring
in the testosterone/ estrogen ratio.
Also, the Testosterone needs to be
fractionated between total and free.
Yes I have a 12 but the free testosterone
is 1.0.  Converting the E to ng from pg
and then divide for the ratio I get 13.5 to 1

E dominates, for an elderly low T male
70 + y/o it should be approx 30 to 50 to 1
with T dominating. My free T is one (1)
( castrate level) therefore my real ratio is
162 to 1.
At T = 126 with free = 10.2 the overall ratio
would be 1.3:1 and for the free 15.8 : 1.
Not a very linear relationship.
No, I am not castrated, just failed testicles
due to new diagnosis on MEN Type 2A.
In addition to the estrogen dominance my
prolactin level is 2.5 times normal which is
additive to the gynecomastia and I really felt
the last T spike at 125. In essence a lot of
the people here have multi form symptoms
and experiences. It’s all relative and
related to the genetics. Not so sure it is too
 detectable on an hourly or diurnal schedule.
Irritability post workout binge … perhaps a
big jag of free radicals. ?

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Part in part is the emotional aspects that is causing a nasty spike in anger. 
I am to this day still trying to find ways to control that. 

Studying Zen, reading sacred texts, and relaxation along with exercize and other factors are used to keep it down, but the feelings still hit hard at times. 

Not as much as it was years past but there. 

Makes me wonder what would happen if I had the normal E to T ratio of a woman. 

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I have used Transindental meditation
and have gone assiduously to a yoga class
5 days per week for over a year … it has
helped me a lot.
I not too sure that advanced age has
 something to do with the mellowness
I now feel ( I am in my mid seventies)
The lack or benefit of low T has made life
extremely pleasant. As an aside, LOH
( late onset hypogonadism) is supposed
to have a depressive component. I am
far from that. The estrogen levels
have remained unchanged at about
16.5 pg/dl (normal to low) for an old male.
I think the estrogen is responsible for the
lightheartedness I have permeating my
Interesting that the adrenal gland is
keeping it up, since I only have one.
Perhaps a look at your hormone levels
is in order Tax … and over two or three
intervals to spot any trends . It proved
beneficial in my case as we were able
to spot a parathyroid tumor.



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