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I live in Seattle. I've seen three surgeons in the area and I am thinking of getting my surgery done at the University of Washington. Is there anybody reading this who had the surgery performed there? If so, what's your experience? If not, are there any other recommended experts in the Seattle area?

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well... what i could suggest, do a research about their pervious work and if they have done such surgery before,im sre they have photos that they could show u..

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Not long ago, several people were making derisive comments about a young man who was looking forward to surgery in a military hospital.  

In the military hospital, he would have a surgeon who would have been fully qualified and had already passed their various boards etc.  The Doctor would have been repaying their student loans or grants by serving in the Military.  Some of the derision indicated, incorrectly, that they would have an underqualified surgeon.

Some people may scoff at having such surgery at a University Hospital where the Surgeon will be to some degree still in training.  I would point out that you may be able to get the job done at a bargain price in a University Hospital and that the surgery would either be done by a fully qualified surgeon or overseen by a highly qualified professional in an educational setting.

I'd say go for it.
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There may be a new surgeon working on you, but there still will be an older, experienced surgeon observing his work.
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