Author Topic: Urgent Question about Compression Vest!!  (Read 1747 times)

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So I have been creeping around here for about half a year doing my research, we've all heard the same story by now. :P
I had a surgery performed by Dr Fielding in Toronto at St Joe's on the 26th of March. He removed 200 cc total (one cup) of lipid, and a small glandular mass from each pec. My case was mild as he put.

I think I really lucked out because I have had next to no complications after the surgery. Barely any bruising, no swelling, virtually no pain whatsoever at any point (though I understand swelling may still occur as time goes by, then fade out after a point).

So this marks my 9th day post surgery with the vest. I was instructed to wear it a total of 3 weeks. The first week, absolutely no showering, to which I strictly adhered, leaving less than 2 weeks to go. I wear it as tightly as I can.

My question now however is, is it detrimental to go one night without wearing it? I am going to an event tonight and it just sits very awkwardly under clothing. I am debating if its ok to take it off for tonight? (Would be about 6-7 hours without it on). Part of me thinks this would be fine, but then I'm not sure, I'm not the one with the MD and the doc's office is closed so I can't call to confirm. I have tried to google an answer but found nothing.

Can anyone chime in?


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It is my understanding that the vest keeps the swelling down, it may also help reduce the development of scare tissue later or reduce it, but I could be totally wrong about the later part!

Either way I think it is worth the sacrifice for a little more time to help prevent other problems later!

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More than a few docs recommend switching to a compression shirt after a few weeks with the more tight compression vest. Thats what I would switch to.


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