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Just for comparison i gained weight because i didnt care, if i didnt want to take my shirt off i might as well eat pizza. The problem was that it got to the point i couldnt hide under layers of clothes. I have wear company t shirts for work but i would always where an undershirt too, but with the weight gain i was out there all the time. Most of my life i hae been healthy and at a good weight around 185 lbs. but i got up to 225lbs.. I finally reached the wall two years ago and was set on getting surgery i knew i needed to loose weight for a successfull surgery. Day of surgery i was 188lbs..
I just wanted to show what a differece 40lbs makes, of course i still wasnt running shirtless on the beach but i was better able to hide in layers of shirts.

at 225 lbs.

at 190lbs.
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this is actually awesome.  many people confuse gland type tissue on the side there with gyno

losing that weight, u can see how the pectorial tightened up.

thats why i always chuckle.. and may be rude with people posting pics who are groosly overweight.. and ya, they have fem shaped breasts, but not that conny part under nipple.  

when you're way overweight its honestly really hard to tell if u have gyno or not especially if ur nipples are normal.

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Daddynubbie, can you post the link for your post-op pics on here?  I can't seem to find them anymore and I wanted to see them again because your case is VERY similar to mine, and I'm 5'10'' 185lbs, and I'm also going to see Fielding, in January.


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Also, if you have any frontal pics, would you mind posting them?


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