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ya i went to the doc today im 16 and he said they i have gyn he said it will go away but he has been saying this since i have been 9 or so. Doc know what he talking about or just trying to comfort me?

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If you've had it for seven years, do not expect it to go away.  I'm 18 and have had it for as long as I can remember and just had my surgery yesterday.

Check out my pics if you'd like.  Sorry to say but I wouldn't believe your doctor.
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bass - is your dr a pediatrician or a regular family doctor?
I never saw a pediatrician after the age of 13 (when I started getting gyne).  My family doctor never said anything about it.  

I agree with nukem, I think he was just trying to comfort you because he may not feel comfortable referring a 16 y/o to a PS for something that may go away on it's own in a couple years.  

I'd go talk to a PS. The good news is that at your age, it may be a great opportunity to see an endocrinologist and see if he can treat you hormonally.


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