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Given the facts that Gynecomastia was depicted in the art of ancient Egypt, Greece, and then Rome. And given the fact that boys with absolutely no breast enlargement in puberty would seem to be in the minority; Has anyone ever come up with a comparative range for what is normal breast growth in a male?

I suspect that many who suffer greatly may be surprised and possibly shocked to learn that they are actually normal.

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Well gyne iteself is completely normal right?  Seems like tons of people have it in varying degrees.

I'd say the question is, what makes one feel comfortable with themself?
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I don't see many blokes with flat chests like in the GQ mags. I think once you reach say mid twenties you do bulk up everywhere. Unless you can spend alot of time down the gym you will have a bit of fat on your chest.

I expect if you asked a group of random men to take their shirts off you wouldn't find many who have great chests. I remember watching a programme called 'escape to the legion', I think it's been on in the states actually, a while back and some of the guys on their who you would expect to be quite fit for that show had what could be termed gynecomastia.

And all men have some breast tissue and fat. It's the degree and what is acceptable to you. I think as well in general we crticise our own bodies more than other people do. I know I do anyway.

I don't think there is anything wrong with getting surgery esp if it isn't a pie eating matter ;D but it's good to know many men have this.

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I'd say the question is, what makes one feel comfortable with themself?

Yeah.... that's the ticket!  ;)

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