Author Topic: Will my man boobs go away?????  (Read 2618 times)

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Okay so right now I am 14 about to turn 15 in a few months. I have had true gynecomastia for almost a year and a half and until now I am sorry to say I have not seen any difference.
I will say there has been a very significant change in my testosterone levels and I am not saying that on the basis of a hormonal test but on the basis of my own personal observation.
Until I was 13 I was quite a fat kid with chubby cheeks, fat around my neck, I had a meak voice I had NO facial hair or basically any kind of body hair.
But following this year everything changed, I now have quite a visible jawline, a protuding adams apple, a deep voice, I also have developing abs and in addition to that I regularly grow facial hair and shave every sunday.
I perfom lots of exercise and have a strict check on my diet but still the gynecomastia persists.
I beleived that if my testosterone levels normalized I should have at least seen signs of betterment but alas I havent.
I want to know from this community of reputed experts if my man boobs will go away on their own or not in the following years.
Please help.

P.S.- my weight is 149 lbs and my height is 6"1'.

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Grandpa Dan

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LOL what kind of reply is this? ahahahha

Right now your hormones are raging out of control, this will be your be normal until your early 20’s if by then you have not returned to normal (whatever that means to you) then no whatever you have or are continuing to develop will stay. If you feel a lump/mass hard pea size or larger “something” right behind you nipple, if you are itching and or experiencing pain then see an Endocrinologist who is experienced in Gyn.

Beyond that it is wait and see.


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