Author Topic: Seattle area surgeons?  (Read 4326 times)

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Can someone recommend a good surgeon in the Seattle area?

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I live in seattle and Im scheduled to have surgery with phil haeck on aug 18th.. This is my 2nd surgery in a 1 1/2.  The first one was done by this loser in lynnwood (cosmetic arts) will not name him for legal purposes; he only performed lypo on me when he was suppose to do both.  I look almost as bad as I did before I had the surgery, so Im doing it again with someone who's suppose to be really good.  When I get more information on this guy I will let you know, and you do the same.  Maybe you can find some info for me on other docs you've heard of that might be better than the one Im going to...

phil haeck is located on 900 boren ave

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Ellington, did you get the surgery done through Dr. Haeck? what was the experience like? 
DId all go well?  I am considering getting the procedure through him.

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Dr. Haeck did my surgery and I would not recommend him to anyone. He makes excuses of why it doesn't look how he told you it would. He acted like he was the best in the biz at doing this but when the results came up short... he didn't talk such a big game.


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I would recommend Dr.  Helen James in Bellingham. She did a good job on mine.


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