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Hoping for some advice please.
I had cosmetic surgery for gynecomastia in 2007.  It was under general anesthetic and it cost me £3000.
During the pre-op assessment, I was reassured (verbally) that "dont' worry, it won't come back".
I was initially very happy with the result.  
However over the years it has gradually come back, with a vengeance! I would say that it now worse that it was back before the procedure. 
The procedure was liposuction, with just a couple of tiny scars left behind that I can't even see now.  So I know that none of the gland was removed.
I know that the surgeon is still operating and his website lists one of his specialties as gynecomastia.
I don't like to use this phrase, but I do feel a little like I was "mis-sold" it, given what was said before surgery.  I should have done more research at the time, but for the surgeon to say that "it won't come back" would suggest that the glandular tissue be removed, or am I wrong here?
I haven't been in touch with the surgeon since, as it hasn't gotten to the stage of really bothering me until around 3 years ago and I've done a lot of ex-pat work so haven't really been in-country until recently.
I would like to hopefully get a spot of advice on how to proceed with initial contact with the surgeon, as it was only a verbal "it won't come back".
Thanks in advance.


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