Author Topic: wat is a good excuse for chest surgery that would make it smaller? seriuos.  (Read 2679 times)

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hello i have a question that maybe a doctor or surgeon can help me with even though it is a bit strange.

Can someone tell me what kind of excuse i can use to explain why i had surgery on my chest other than gyne? something that has some realness to it cuz i don't want people to know i wantd this surgery for reducing chest size, even though it is for bodybuilding later on.

i want to be able to explain to someone a medical reason why someone had to pull some tissue out of my chest that is not purely related to improving how i look. 

pls, this is a serious request - someone help?


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A while back when I was trying to get insurance for my gyne surgery (which was a failure) my doctor (regular doctor) told me I might be able to pull it off if I built a case on pain in my chest, due to growths and what not.  So like the previous poster, that seems to be the only other reason to get rid of your chest.  May I ask why it has to be a medical reason?  Believe me I've dealt with all the comments on why I'm getting my surgery if it's not life threatening.  People just need to understand where you're coming from. (I'm still trying to convince my GF who doesn't agree with cosmetic surgery)


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