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Here are my puffy nips, from being fat as a kid when I hit puberty. I'm in my late 20's, so spontaneous resolution is definitely out.

Not super bad, but enough to bother me.  If I start getting close to 10 percent or so bodyfat, they look... less shitty.  The right side is a little worse than the left.  The gland is larger and there is more fat tissue.  They do give me discomfort sometimes in kickboxing, if I am holding pads for kicks, the right nipple / gland will get sore from getting hit by the pads.

Questions :

1.  Are there any good sources for statistics on patient satisfaction post op?  The google has given me a few hits but not really an explicitly stated "X percent were satisfied", or "X would do the surgery again".

2.  Will my nips shrink in size by themselves, will the doctor have to do it, or will they stay the same size.

3. If I wanted to comfortably recovered post op by this summer, when would be the latest date I can get the surgery?

4. I saw another sub for this, and there is a section on this page, but do you all have any docs you would recommend near Central Virginia (Richmond area).  I'm open to NOVA as well.


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1. No, unfortunately not AFAIK.
2. The reason that the nipples are puffy is the gladular tissue you have sitting behind them. Once this is removed, the nipple size should're young so the skin will have good elasticity and therefore retract well.
3. It usually takes a minimum of 6 months for the healing process, though in some it can take longer (12 months or more), so being beach ready by summer may not be completely realistic but still possible.
4. Sorry, can't help you there but I'm sure some US members will be along to recommend a surgeon near you.
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Woah, 6 months is a long time!

I'll have to really think about this.  I finally am in a position to afford the surgery, but that is a significant recovery time.


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Well that's the normal time period for most of the swelling/scar tissue etc. to settle but you could be fine to go around topless before that depending on how quickly your body heals.

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I don't think you will find any stats on the internet about how many patients are satisfied or not -- those stats simply do not exist.

Yes, you do have puffy nipples and may also have some additional tissue beyond the confines of the areolas -- but that can only be determined by a doctor's physical exam.  With properly performed surgery, the areolar diameter usually shrinks spontaneous -- roughly 15-20% smaller in diameter.

As for being healed -- yes, the average time is 4-6 months.  There are factors that affect healing, such as age, general health, being at a reasonably normal weight, and need I say:  following your surgeon's post-op instructions.

Recommend you consult a gyne specialist in your area -- or if none, then consider traveling.

Good luck!

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