Author Topic: Thinking about doing a second surgery  (Read 376 times)

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Hi, everyone! I had my gynecomastia surgery about 8 years ago. I was extremely happy about the results (to the point that I was actually walking around in ecstasy as I finally had the body I wanted), but the joy only lasted for around 4-5 weeks. To my absolute horror I had to witness the gyno returning, and in 6-7 weeks it was all back. I tried to consult my surgeon, but he just explained it as swelling that would go away with time (which was not the case). At that point I just had to accept that I just had to live with gyno, and nothing else I can do about it :'(

But in the later years I startet to think about maybe giving it another try. I have never found out why my gyno returned. The only reason I can find is that I used to smoke a lot of marijuana when I was younger (I´m 32 now). At the time of my surgery I had reduced my use to only once og twice per week, but maybe it still could have some effect? I have completely stopped doing that anyway. I´m thinking about going for new consultation. Any thoughts/adwices


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