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Hi everyone,

I'm posting a pic of my before and after surgery.

Pre-op and 8 weeks post-op.

Although I know there is a huge difference, I'm still not as flat-chested as I'd like to be. I still have to wear my compression vest when I go out because I'm still very "pointy!"

I had liposuction done on both sides and excision done only on the right side. I didn't cheat a single millisecond with my doctors instructions but I still don't have the results I'm looking for. And although it may still be too early to tell, judging from other peoples photos I thought that I would be much farther along by now towards having the nice and flat chest that I've been dreaming about since I was twelve!

Has anyone had a similar experience and if so do you think that I'm going to have to revisit the operating table?

Thanks for you time and replies!

(Can post more pics if necessary)

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At 8 weeks after surgery, you are still in the active healing phase -- and there is still probably some swelling present as well.

Would not be premature in looking for additional surgery.  Give it the full 6 months or more before deciding -- and then go back to your surgeon for a careful assessment of the results.

Relax.... and give it time to heal completely.

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Thank you for the reply!

I know you're right but the waiting is proving to be the toughest part. At least I'm on the other side of this obstacle now, the healing has begun! 


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