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Title: I'm new here is my story.......
Post by: pauly1984 on April 24, 2007, 11:17:10 AM
Hi everyone I am 23 and live in Melbourne, Australia.
I was just watched a television program here called Amazing Medical stories, and they had a segment on gyne. It made me get up and do a google serach on it. I am glad I found this..... here is my story.

I've lived with gyne since I was 10. My whole life has been dominated by this. I never got into any sports becuase I could never be topless or where tight sports gear. I loved watching hockey, but never did it. I still recall doing Sport at school. I used to run into the toilet cubical to change, or I would go early and change before the class. I couldnt where anything thick, so I used to practically strangle my body with a tight wide material belt. When I would go into the open change area to put my school bag, I use to envy the guys. Not being gay I used to look at their bodies and envy what they had. Tonned, pecks, and firm chests. Why the hell I cant be like that I always thought. Then would come that taunts as towhy I didnt change with them in the open area. High school was hell.

I'd spend my summers alone at home because my family set off to the beach. A fancy wave pool was been built behind my house. I have never step foot in it. I used to cry so much as a teenager. I lived in jackets and thick shirts. My summer days were mostly spent at home. I never entered into any relationships at school. I guess no one wanted the kid with boobs. I never had a girlfriend at school. I developed serious crushes on two girls while at school. One laughed at me, and the other simply said (I will never forget this) "You're nice but I dont even have breasts". That crushed me and I sank into depression for 3 momths. 

I tried a few times to talk to my mum about it. She didn't understand. She told me its just puppy fat and you will loose it. She said if I thought it was a huge deal, I should loose weight and they will go away. I had no one else to turn to.

I met a girl when I was 19 through some close friends. I am still with her. I still dont have sex with her topless. I have showered with her a few times, in the dark dim light. She says shes fine with it. But I still cant bring myself to show her fully. My breasts are bigger than hers.

I dont understand. I am not obese- I weigh 90kg. It's a litle overwight but not much. My breasts are not huge, but are noticeable. I am still living in patterened shirts and forever pulling my under t-shirt away from my body.

I am a frist year school teacher and my students occasionaly ask me about them. I am really dumbfounded when they ask me and I dont know what to say. I just brush it off. It makes me feel real ashamed.

I know there is help out there. I just need to find it. I have read about sugery. Its very expensive, I dont think I could ever fund anything like that. I am paying off my car and home so my wage it virtually nothing.

It was good to get this out. I have never actually spoken about this, like this to anyone. Not even my partner. I'm am glad I have found this forum, and people can relate to me.
Would like to get to know people the same as I.

Title: Re: I'm new here is my story.......
Post by: realist85 on April 24, 2007, 12:09:48 PM
I appreciate your story. However, I have trouble believing that you can't fund this surgery.

What kind of car do you have? What kind of apartment do you live in? You can downsize on both of them. How often do you eat out? Can you switch your diet away from expensive meat? How much is cable/Internet bill? Gas bill? Can you get a part time job on the weekends? How much do you spend on entertainment? Do you drink?

I think its possible, over the course of a year or year and a half, scrape the money to pay for a decent surgery-at least 5,000$. Don't let gyne dominate your life because your couldn't sacrifice luxuries for a year.
Title: Re: I'm new here is my story.......
Post by: pauly1984 on April 25, 2007, 03:33:12 AM
Thanks for your reply.
I guess I could afford it if I really get down to saving. Ive only really just finished university so I have been a struggling student all my life. When I got my job I had all this money and silly me went out and got a loan for my car and house. After paying that and all my utilities, doesnt leave with much, which usually goes on food. Teacher wages are not the best here in Australia.

I lack alot of self confidence, just going to the doc's about it I have trouble doing. I am so embarassed. My childhood and upbrigning wasnt very pleasant so I have very poor self esteem and confindence. The thought of people seeing me this way scares the hell out of me. I wouldnt even know where to start.

Thanks for reading my story....

Title: Re: I'm new here is my story.......
Post by: weareinittogether on April 26, 2007, 05:14:02 AM
Hi Paul welcome to the forum, what sort of gyne do you suffer from? Do you have any pictures? Have you looked into having an op on insurence? how much does the op cost in oz?
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