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Hello there everyone.

I never searched for gynecomastia communties before because I didn't thought i needed for strangers to know my problem. I'm from Portugal, 18 years old, almost 19 and I've had gyno for about 6/7 years. Like many stories I've red here, gynecomastia wasn't such a problem for me when I was younger, I was chubby - really just wanted to have fun and play football. But we all grow up and insterests change, I started caring about this problem when I noticed my nipples where getting puffy and similiar to girls. I never let gyno get in away of my life, I've grown up normally besides the fact I got boobs... I lost allot of weight, started to go out made a normal life, never really had problems with getting girls. This past two years have been the worst, I'm an adult now and I've had alot of chances to spend vacations in tropical places that I never went because I'm to embarrased to take my shirt off in public. A couple of months ago I went to my local hospital where the doctors finally made my parents realize I had a problem, still they didn't care to much about the fact that this affects us PSYCHOLOGICALLY, which is the worst. Anyways, I've got my surgery on the end of this year... I hope.. but it's summer now and we all know what's that like for us... still I keep a smile, go out as much as I can and sometimes go to the beach with all these techniques I've learned to hide gyno over the years eheh :P

So I thought I would share a resumed story... I feel like I need to talk with people with same problem as me and I hope I can help in any way I can.

So thanks for reading and thanks for the forum ;) great idea.


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