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Hello all. Do you think I have gynecomastia? I'm in my mid 20s and never been super over weight, but always packed a few pounds on me. I've been losing weight over the past few years but my boobs seem to stay the same size if on growing. I'm worried that they aren't shrinking and they are getting a really rounded shape to them instead of getting flat and flabby like someone losing weight. What do you think?
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Yes, gynecomastia for sure.

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Probably? Based on nothing but the visual of your breast tissue hanging over the inframammary fold. Men don't have the necessary ligaments to hold the extra weight of glandular breast tissue up like women do (in their youth). If you want a definitive answer, you should visit your physician and try to schedule a mammogram if they recommend it.

My only word of caution for a mammogram is that you might be treated like a "persona non-grata" by the staff to keep you away from the generally female population that is also present. It was very insulting to me at the time. That said, thinking you were being treated like you have leprosy doesn't necessarily mean you actually were in the end. While admittedly hidden in the dark bowels of the facility, the staff was actually very nice and accommodating. They have a line to walk with their female patients as well.


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